114-year-old Cape Town resident believed to be World’s Oldest Man

*Blom (in cap) and wife, Jenette

After a 117-year-old Japanese woman, Nabi Tajima who was believed to have been the world’s oldest person died on April 22, 2018, a Cape Town resident in South Africa is believed to be the world’s oldest living person.

According to the provincial social development department, Fredie Blom, who celebrated his 114th birthday on Tuesday at his home in Delft, Cape Town, may be the World’s Oldest Man alive.

The department said his status is yet to be recognised by the Guinness World Records‚ but it is believed that Blom could be the oldest man alive, reports Time Live

“As government‚ we wish Mr. Blom and his family well. We continue to encourage greater family and community participation in the daily lives of elderly residents‚ including keeping them in communities‚” said a statement by the department.

A report on Blom’s 113th birthday said the former gardener was born in 1904 in Adelaide‚ in the Eastern Cape.

His ID number begins with 040508.

He and his wife Jenette‚ 83‚ have no children together.

Although his age may have affected his hearing, Blom is still very handy around the house.

“He created the tiling on the floor this week,” said his daughter, Jasien Blom

According to an article on the Guinness World Records website‚ a 112-year-old man from Japan was named “oldest person living (male)” on April 10.

Masazo Nonaka was exactly 112 years and 259 days old as of the time of the recognition.

“Mr. Nonaka was born on 25 July‚ 1905 – just two years after the Wright Brothers celebrated the first power-driven flight and just months before Einstein published his special theory of relativity‚” the article read.

“He has six brothers and one sister and his already large family grew further after he married Hatsuno in 1931‚ going on to have five children with her.”


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