MWUN, terminal operators disagree on workplace safety standards

*Tin Can Island Port

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) and terminal operators are embroiled in verbal war over workers’ safety wear following the death of four dockworkers at Lagos ports in recent time.

While MWUN alleged that terminal operators do not provide safety components and do not conform to safety standards in the terminals, the operators claimed they provide dockworkers with the necessary safety gears.

The acting managing director of Ports and Cargo Handling Services (PCHS), Mohammed Bulangu, denied the allegation saying: PCHS provides all their dockworkers with the necessary safety gears but that most of the times they (dockworkers) refuse to put them on. They refuse to wear them. Even the reflective overall that is given to them they refuse to wear them, preferring to wear it half way.”

However, the president general of MWUN, Tony Emmanuel Nted disagreed saying most of the terminal operators are guilty of the neglect of the safety standard for labour at their terminals.



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