FAAN fires staff who stole $600 from traveller’s hand luggage at MAKIA


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has sacked its aviation security staff, Hassan Mohammed who allegedly stole $600 from a passenger’s hand bag during screening at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (MAKIA), Kano.

It was gathered that the Kogi State-born employee was served termination letter last Thursday following a report published exclusively by News Gazette on November 11, 2016.

“At least, FAAN is gradually waking up to its no room for corruption mantra. This will send signal to other corrupt officials who are looking for ways of enriching themselves. There are still many bad eggs in the system. If FAAN means business, they should weed them out,” said a source at MAKIA.

The source added that Mohammed who could bare write was in the habit of riding roughshod over some of his colleagues, including those who were senior to him, because of his connection and how he came into the system.

“Within a short time, it was not uncommon to hear him brag about the millions of naira in his account,” said the source.

News Gazette had reported that Mohammed, a Level 8 employee was arrested after he had successfully taken money from a passenger’s hand luggage while the owner was undergoing a pat down.

On interrogation, he (Mohammed) was said to have confessed that he saw through an x-ray machine some money in the bag and had to open and take some while the passenger was being screened.

Mohammed who was barely two years old in the system was reprimanded verbally and transferred from the international screening point to the hajj and cargo section of the airport until News Gazette broke the news of his larceny.

“Aviation security staff at MAKIA do a lot of things that passengers may not expect. Incident of stealing from passengers’ luggage is commonplace here. Only vigilant air travellers are able to detect that their luggage have been tampered with. Those who do not suspect anything before leaving the screening point mourn their fate when they get to their destinations,” a source at the airport had said.



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