Makarfi cautions PDP against strife…inaugurates Lagos, Kwara state caretaker committees


The chairman, national caretaker committee of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Makarfi, has inaugurated caretaker committees of the party for the Lagos and Kwara state chapters and cautioned against further wrangling.

Speaking during the inauguration of the committees in Abuja, Makarfi who named Chief Tunde Osainakan and Chief Tunde Akindeyi as chairmen of the Lagos and Kwara state chapters of the party respectively said internal strife is a wrong signal that would scare people from the party.

However, Makarfi said members of the state caretaker committees are not allowed to contest any executive position in the party in their states.

He said the caretaker committees should work to build the party in their respective states and prepare the ground for its smooth running for the incoming executive members as normalcy was returning fast to the PDP.

“Anyone who wants to come around should come and join. The party is big enough to accommodate all. In fact, all we should be doing is to invite people to come and join the party but how can we do this if we continue to fight ourselves. We will be sending wrong message. However, I am glad that we are sending the right message now.

“I want us to stop looking at these things as if everything starts and ends with what we are doing right now. We have only started the process of democratisation, which will be taken down to the local level.

“You are to go back to your states to consult and set up local council committees and ward caretaker committees in your states immediately. That is where the real politicking is. There is intense politicking at the local government and ward levels; so that we can begin preparations for the congresses at the state, local governments and wards. There is a lot of room at the lower levels to ensure that power returns to the people.

“A state that has 30 states for instance has to set up 30 caretaker committees. Not everyone can find accommodation in the caretaker committees. Those who want to aspire to elective offices should not aspire to be members of the caretaker committees.

“As you consult to constitute caretaker committees, bear this in mind. Let those interested in elective offices begin to present themselves to the card-carrying members of the party,” he said.

Makarfi restated the party’s readiness to wrest power from the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019 stressing that the officers of the party would play a major role in the exercise.

Meanwhile, a group under the aegis of PDP National Volunteer Front has called on Makarfi to cancel the Anambra State primary election, alleging irregularities.

The group warned that failure to conduct a more credible primary election and placate the aggrieved aspirants of the party, means losing the election from the onset.

Speaking at a press conference in Awka, Anambra State, the national marshal of the Front, Emmanuel Nwosu, declared: “The primary election was marred by irregularities that first emanated from a flawed ward congress. They failed to elect the constitutional three delegates per ward in over 90 per cent of the 326 wards of the state.

“We are saddened by the process that led to that primary election. We are also worried that the aspirants on the party’s platform withdrew in droves in protest, and the ones that participated in the election also saw the flawed process and complained bitterly.

“We want to state here as members of the party that their grievances are well founded, and we call on the national leadership to address this injustice and offer redress to their complaints.

“On our own, we will engage the state caretaker committee to ensure that justice is done for everyone.”





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