Sharibu, father of the only Dapchi schoolgirl held in BH captivity speaks

*Liya...still in Boko Haram captivity. Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters

Mr. Sharibu Nata, father of the only Dapchi schoolgirl, Liya, still held back by Boko Haram has said that he was told his daughter was denied freedom because she refused to be converted to Islam.

NewsGazette had earlier reported that Liya was held back by her captors apart from five other students who lost their lives on the first day of abduction and were given a mass burial in a bush.

Speaking in an interview on Raypower 100.5 FM, Sharibu however said he was happy the girl did not follow the dictates of the terrorists to denounce Christianity.

Below is a transcript of the interview;

*Interviewer:* What is the situation how many of the girls have been returned?

*Sharibu:* I’m not in Dapchi, I’m on duty call. I called those in Dapchi and I was informed that my daughter was not released.

*Interviewer:* How many have been released?

*Sharibu:* All of them were released. They said some were dead there and my daughter is alive but they said she is a Christian and that is why they cannot release her. They said if she wants to be released until she converts and become a Muslim and she said she will never become a Muslim.

*Interviewer:* Which of the parent whose daughter has been released have you spoken with?

*Sharibu:* I spoke to about five to six of them whose daughters were released.

*Interviewer:* So, are they presently with their daughters as we speak?

*Sharibu:* Yes, they are presently with their daughters in Dapchi according to report.

*Interviewer:* How were they released?

*Sharibu:* They were dropped inside Dapchi by Boko Haram this morning (Wednesday).

*Interviewer:* Around what time where they released?

*Sharibu:* Well, it’s not up to 30 minutes (9:20am to the time of interview) now since their arrival.

*Interviewer:* So what’s the mood in Dapchi now, I guess jubilation?

*Sharibu:* Yes, jubilation but only my side, I am very sad but I am also jubilating too because my daughter did not denounce Christ.

*Interviewer:* What is the name of your daughter?

*Sharibu:* Her name is *Liya Sharibu.*

*Interviewer:* And you were told because she refused to become a Muslim that’s why they refuse to release her?

*Sharibu:* Yes.

*Interviewer:* We pray and hope that she will also be release alongside the others.

*Sharibu:* In Jesus name

*Interviewer:* Amen






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