Med-View Airline denies knowledge of litigation by passengers


Med-View Airline has said it is not aware of any law suit by passengers over cancellation of a flight on August 13, 2017.

The airline was reacting to reports that 31 passengers on its flight VL2120 and VL2118 scheduled to travel from Lagos to Kaduna and Abuja on August 13, 2017, had sued the airline at the Federal High Court in Lagos claiming damages for the cancellation of their flight.

Med-View said it was yet to be served any court papers from any quarters.

“We have not received any pre-litigation letters as the practice, much less of properly served court papers.

“Sensationalisation of impending litigation in the press without recourse to us is tantamount to trial in the media, which is a grandiose to whip up public sentiment.

“As a responsible organization, we welcome genuine complaints from passengers. Complaints regarding flight cancellation, delays, missing baggage and refunds are handled in line with civil aviation laid down procedures as contained in Part 19 of Civil Aviation Act 2013.

Med-View Airline is committed to its corporate value, which is the ability to succeed in providing the desired service for customers’ satisfaction and respect for individual clients,” said the airline.


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