Oshiomhole fingered in DSS siege to national assembly


The former deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Mr. Timi Frank, has said that the national chairman of APC, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole was the mastermind of Tuesday’s invasion of the national assembly by mask-wearing operatives of the department of state service (DSS).

He said in a statement that Oshiomhole hatched the plot in his (Oshiomhole’s) residence together with DSS operatives and 30 APC senators.

Frank also said the APC national chairman was economical with the truth when he (Oshiomhole) said the development at the national assembly was strictly a legislative matter.

It would be recalled that in the heat of the national assembly lock down, the acting spokesman for APC, Mr. Yekini Nabena had issued a statement claiming that “while the Party is monitoring the developments in the national assembly like every other concerned Nigerian and stakeholder, there is absolutely no basis for all the false allegations and attempt to blame the APC national chairman for the development there. It is strictly a legislative matter.”

However, Frank said: “This is Oshiomhole at his mischievous and manipulative best. Can someone ask Oshiomhole where the 30 Senators and their DSS collaborators met last night to perfect their evil plot to invade the National Assembly, and pave way for the 30 APC senators to convene a session and impeach Saraki and his deputy, if not his residence in Aso Drive?

“Yet he wants to deceive Nigerians by denying being the mastermind of this plot aimed at truncating democracy in the country.

“Why is Oshiomhole lying when every Nigerian knows that he is the one out to foist a new leadership on the Senate at all cost even when he knows that the APC lawmakers lack the two-third constitutionally stipulated number of Senators to legally remove Saraki and Ekweremadu?

“Nigerians must not be deceived, Oshiomhole is a dictator. He does not like anything democratic. He only mouths democracy when he has something to gain but when his interest is at stake like it is right now, he is usually forced to show the dictatorial stuff he is made of. “Besides, having deceived President Buhari to leave for London and give him 10 days to remove Saraki, he is now quick to wash his hands off the dirty plot now that he seems to have failed to deliver on his evil promises.

“Thankfully, a friend sent me a Whatsapp photo of Buhari purportedly watching Oshiomhole’s instigated malfeasance at the national assembly gate. If that photograph is true, I want Buhari to know that he has been deceived by Oshiomhole. Nigerians want the rule of law and due process to be followed in order to deepen our democracy not crude tactics now being employed by Oshiomhole.

“Besides, any resort to self-help will never fly with Nigerians because they know the price those who fought for democracy in the country had had to pay to bring us to where we are today.

“Once again I call on Nigerians and members of the international community who are now rightly horrified by this coup against democracy in Nigeria to hold Oshiomhole responsible for any breakdown of law and order capable of truncating democracy in the country.”





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