Politicians with no ideology shouldn’t pilot Nigeria’s affairs–Mshelia


A Labour Party governorship aspirant in Borno State, Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia, has said that Nigeria cannot afford to allow people who have no ideology to be in charge of its affairs.

Mshelia made the remark at a seminar ‘Promoting Professional Excellence: Pilots and Aircraft Engineers in Focus’ organised in Lagos by the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE).

He said his ambition to be governor was borne out of selfless desire to change the narrative in his home state, especially with the current humanitarian situation there.

Mshelia who is also the chief executive officer of Ghana-based aviation training school, Mish Aviation, and was given Award of Excellence by NAAPE in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of aviation in Nigeria said he would turn around the economic fortunes of Borno State.

“Borno has a lot to give and it would take ideas, dexterity and a hands-on approach to ensure that the state becomes viable again through its agrarian resources and trade. If harnessed right we have a comparative advantage in farm produce and we can tap into that and utilise it to develop the state,” he said.

He also said he supports President Muhammadu Buhari whom he sees as the only leader in recent times who has an ideology.

“A nation or person with no ideology is not going to deliver social justice to its people. Look at the work done quietly by Buhari; it is because he does not collect kickbacks or bribe. That is why contractors dare not to deliver. Look at the railway from Warri to Abuja; go and see roads abandoned in Abuja now all completed if not near completion.

“We cannot afford to continue to allow men with no ideology to run the affairs of a country with beautiful ideology like Nigeria. See how evidently the politicians have shown themselves by the series of defection and counter-defections; it is all about them and not the country. We are wiser now and God has used Buhari to show us that indeed development is easily achieved if you elect a leader that will not take bribe,” he said.

On the award, he expressed appreciation to NAAPE for the honour and charged the body to always aspire to be a model to other associations.

He also charged the association to continue to be pillars of growth in the nation generally, urging them to always resort to negotiations and dialogue as a way of conflict management and resolution

Besides, he enjoined NAAPE not to sit on the fence.

“Everyone, you, NAAPE and I, all of us need to pool together and save our country. If every good person sits on the sidelines, the country will not get saved. That is the reason I have thrown my hat into the ring under the Labour Party,” he said.



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