Ekweremadu proposes single 6-year tenure to reduce political tension


The deputy senate president, Mr. Ike Ekweremadu has once again called for a single six-year-tenure for president and governors to “substantially reduce the political tensions and executive excesses that come with self-succession.”

It would be recalled that former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan had at the start of his four-year term in 2011, proposed an amendment to the constitution so that future presidents serve a single, longer term in office.

Jonathan had stated that the single tenure would not come into effect before he stepped down, but politicians began to speculate that the proposed amendment would enable the president extend his term in office.

Writing on his facebook page, Ekweremadu contended that the option is the only way to stop desperation in the political system.

The Nigerian constitution currently limits presidents and governors to two four-year terms, a fact acknowledged by the deputy senate president

However, he said societies are dynamic and it is up to Nigeria make necessary constitutional adjustments to safeguard its democracy and make periods leading up to the elections less toxic.

“As is always the case, Nigeria’s political atmosphere is getting toxic ahead of the 2019 general election and governance is taking a backseat.

“Unfortunately, this atmosphere, with the accompanying brazen political excesses, are unlikely to abate until well after the 2019 general elections (sic).

“The feverish political climate in the country today, once again, justifies the call by some of us for a single term of five or six years for the president and governors.

“Although a renewable four-year term is popular, societies are dynamic and it is up to us to make necessary constitutional adjustments to safeguard our democracy and make periods leading up to our elections less toxic.

“We proposed a single term for the president and governors with several transitional options during the constitution amendment exercise in the 7th National Assembly.

“Unfortunately, it was misunderstood by various political and sectional interests for various reasons and the proposal did not succeed,” he said.


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