Clark reveals identities of police officers behind raid on his Abuja residence

*IGP, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, Chief Edwin Clark

The leader of Pan Niger Delta Elders’ Forum (PANDEF), Chief Edwin Clark, has written to President Muhammadu Buhari and the national security adviser, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Babagana Monguno (Rtd) disclosing the identities of some top police officers behind the raid on his Abuja home on Tuesday, September 4.

Clark who demands a full investigation into the matter named a deputy commissioner of police and commander of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tactical Squad, Yusuf Kolo, and Assistant Inspector General of Police, Federal Intelligence, Umoru Usman as those who instructed the raid and search on his residence.

In the petition with reference number KACCL/ PET/KA/76/18, dated September 6, 2018 and signed by his lawyer, Dr. Kayode Ajulo, Clark said though he had accepted the public apology from the police, the matter should be thoroughly investigated.

The petition reads: “Our client did brief us that at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, officers and men of the IGP Tactical Squad, a unit under the direct command of the Inspector General of Police, alongside pressmen invaded and ransacked his Asokoro residence on the pretext that they were in search of arms and ammunition. However, despite the siege and search, they found nothing incriminating on our client.

“Our client further briefed us and we confirmed that at the point where officers and men of the IGP Tactical Squad were to commence their search, they introduced themselves as acting under the instructions of the inspector general of police and deputy commissioner of police, Yusuf Kolo, who is their commander. Former SSG, Bayelsa State and former permanent secretary ministry of power, Ambassador Boladei Igali, who was with our client at the venue of the search, put a call through to the assistant inspector general of police, Federal Intelligence, Umoru Usman Shehu, who spoke with the leader of the search party and gave authority to go ahead with the search.

“Having so searched in vain, the Inspector General of Police, in the face of the impudent search conducted on the property of our client, has publicly denied any knowledge of the said search and has immediately ordered the arrest of the four junior officers, who were responsible for the search and tendered a public apology to our client.

“Taking into consideration the circumstances of the invasion and uncivilized search conducted on his property, and the attendant embarrassment caused to our client and what he stands for, it is imperative to hold the view that there are serious questions which ought to be determined forthwith and without mincing words.

“It will be rather unfortunate for junior officers and men of the IGP Tactical squad who were at best acting on the orders of their superiors to fall prey in this regard. It beats our client’s imagination that despite the fact that our client has the compliments of the Nigerian Police Force and the State Security Services protecting him, his property, and overseeing his daily activities, such level of conspiracy could be perpetuated against him. He wonders what exactly warranted such unfounded suspicion on his person to the extent that a search warrant could be procured against him on the demeaning allegation that he is involved in gun running.

“Our client appreciates unreserved double apologies by the Nigerian Police; the first which was conveyed by the delegation of the IGP lead by Deputy Inspector General of Police, Habila Joshak (Operations), Assistant Inspector General of Police, David Ogbodo (Legal), Commissioner of Police, Abu Sani (IGP Monitoring Unit) and Commissioner of Police of FCT and the second which was publicly tendered on behalf of the Nigerian Police Force by the Force Public Relations Officer, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jimoh Moshood.

“While our client accepts the apologies, it is his sole demand that this case be comprehensively probed and thoroughly investigated to fish out all the conspirators who masterminded the invasion of his residence without due cause.”



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