Woman rejects marriage proposal despite Lamborghini car gift


A fitting example of ‘money can’t buy love’ was witnessed on China road when a rich man decided to pop the question to his girlfriend by buying her a Lamborghini.

Unfortunately for the Chinese man, his elaborate proposal that included balloons, roses, fireworks and an orange Lamborghini was rejected by the woman, according to reports in Mirror UK.

Video footage shows the nouveau riche man proposing to the woman who appears to be an expatriate fluent in Mandarin. But she hesitantly turns him down.

Not taking the rejection well, the man can be seen persuading her to say yes and eventually blurts out: “I have money!”

The video also captures stunned onlookers who witness the pair quarrelling as the man says: “Marry me,” with a large bouquet of roses but gets frustrated when the woman doesn’t seem to budge.

“I bought your favourite sports car for you,” he says, adding, “I can buy as many of these cars as you like. I can buy whatever you want.”

The woman politely says in English, “I’m so sorry, I don’t want to. I’m so sorry.”

However, the man who is not ready to take rejection says, “Marry me, marry,” and flaunting his wealth he yells, “I have the money!” That’s when the woman shouts: “You have money, so what!?” before walking away with her friend.

But, the drama doesn’t end there, as the hurt man lost his temper, throwing the large bouquet of flowers to the ground and knocking over products on display at the plaza.

The clip of the incident has gone viral and several internet users have slammed the man for his temper.



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