NCEF says it makes sense to reject APC, PDP in 2019


A coalition of Christian leaders under the umbrella of National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has charged the electorate to reject both the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 describing the two political parties as “two evil.”

The national chairman of the group, Mr. Solomon Asemota who stated this at a press conference he jointly addressed with the NCEF secretary and chief executive officer of Christian Socialist Movement of Nigeria, Mr. Bosun Emmanuel said both the APC and the PDP had pauperised the citizens and turned the country into the poverty headquarters of the world.

Asemota called on the voters to look “outside of these two major parties” adding that “if that is not done, Nigerians would have willingly jumped from the fire into the furnace.”

“Nigerians must begin to clamour for new candidates and new political parties. It is not too late to mobilise and dismiss the current political class that devalued naira by over 1,600 per cent from 1999 to 2018 and, at the same period, increased the price of fuel by 625 per cent.

“Jointly, the PDP and the APC impoverished and pauperised Nigerians and turned the country into the poverty capital of the world. It makes sense to reject the two fron tline parties, the APC and the PDP, for lack of credible performance.

“We are persuaded that the nation should feel compelled, within the next few months, to look in another direction for its salvation. If that is not done, Nigerians would have willingly jumped from the fire into the furnace. We are already sensitised as to what is ahead with the slogan – ‘two evils.’

“NCEF is convinced that if Nigerians are truly desirous of good governance, then all Nigerians have need to be diligent to look outside of these two major parties,” said Asemota.

He also said NCEF had aligned with those who agitate for the restructuring of the country.

“The determination of a minority group to transform Nigeria into its colony is responsible for the chaos in the country.

“NCEF insists, in agreement with other well-meaning Nigerians, that restructuring the country must be a cardinal campaign issue for the 2019 elections. Therefore, the Christian elders emphasise the need to draw up a Charter of Agreement to be signed by presidential candidates to complete with timelines for implementation.

“This should be a major pre-condition for those soliciting votes from Nigerians. Of course, no promise from the current government should be taken seriously by anyone. NCEF shall draw up its Charter of Agreement and encourage other credible groups to do the same,” he said.

NCEF has in its fold notable Nigerians like former minister of defence, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (retd.); Prof. Joseph Otubu, Gen. Joshua Dogonyaro (retd.), Archbishop Magnus Atilade, Dr Kate Okpareke, Dr Ayo Abifarin, Gen. Zamani Lekwot (retd.), Elder Moses Ihonde, Elder Nat Okoro and Elder Matthew Owojaiye as members.

Others include Justice Kalajine Anigbogu (retd.), Elder Shyngle Wigwe, DIG P. L. Dabup, Sir John Bagu, Dr Saleh Hussaini, Elder Mike Orobator, Justice James Ogebe  (retd.), Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Chief Debo Omotosho, Dame Priscilla Kuye, Dr S. D. Gani, Mrs. Osaretin Demuren, and Prof. Yussuf  Turaki, among others.


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