Details of 2019 election peace accord


Presidential candidates of Nigeria’s political parties have signed a peace agreement committing themselves to orderly conduct of the 2019 elections. Below is the five-point content of the peace agreement.

  1. To run issue-based campaigns at national, state and local government levels. In this, we pledge to refrain from campaigns that will involve religious incitement ethnic or tribal profiling, both by ourselves and by all agents acting in our names;
  2. To refrain from making or causing to make in our names or that of our party, any public statements, pronouncements, declarations or speeches that have the capacity to incite any form of violence before, during and after the elections;
  3. To commit themselves and political parties to the monitoring of the adherence to the accord by a National Peace Committee made up of respected statesmen and women, traditional and religious leaders.
  4. To support all the institutions of government including INEC and security agencies to act and be seen to act with impartiality
  5. To forcefully and publicly speak out against provocative utterances and oppose all acts of electoral violence, whether perpetrated by supporters and/or opponents.


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