Youth group chides ACF for misleading northerners


The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has lash out at the secretary of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Mr. Anthony Sani, accusing him of creating unnecessary controversy in order to get media attention regarding the 2019 presidency.

The youth group said in a statement issued in Kaduna and signed by its national president, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, described Sani’s subtle attempt to get media attention by taking advantage of a recent interview by Prof. Ango Abdullahi, “who spoke the minds of many northerners about the rampaging level of poverty, poor governance, attendant insecurity and general stagnation in the North, that has led to a feeling of disappointment and frustration among the people.”

He said the ACF which pretends about promoting cultural interests of the North “is now dabbling into decidedly partisan issues, in order to mislead northerners and create unnecessary controversy.”

“We are appalled that the ACF has decided to indulge in disinformation in order to undermine the sincere and genuine efforts of respected, prominent Nigerians like Prof. Ango Abdullahi and the Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) in helping the region find its correct political compass ahead of 2019.”

The youth group tasked ACF to “stop dabbling into decidedly partisan issues, while pretending to be non-partisan” arguing that the ACF “is losing its focus on the true wishes and aspirations of the generality of Northerners.”

AYCF would rather want the ACF to “channel more energy into the cultural issues it was set up to promote and let the NEF be.”

Besides, it challenged the ACF to forward any evidence of its effort in sensitising or mobilising for peaceful 2019 elections, or even counselling northern voters on the need to get their permanent voter cards.

“Mr. Anthony Sani and his co-travellers in the ACF should stop portraying the Forum like an arm of the federal government, do the needful by telling the truth to power, about the current concerns in the North, as we approach 2019,” AYCF said.


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