We intended to rob Badeh –Suspected killer

*Rabi, Badeh

Shuaibu Rabi, one of the suspects arrested in connection with the December 18, 2018 killing of the former chief of defence staff, Air Vice Marshal Alex Badeh while returning from his farm in Nasarawa State has confessed that their intention was to rob the ex-defence chief of huge sums of money.

The suspect who was paraded by the police in Abuja yesterday stated that he and his friends got wind that Badeh was in possession of a huge sum of money for land acquisition in Nasarawa State.

Rabi, 25, who spoke in Hausa language said: “What happened was that, on a certain day, my elder brother went to a market, where he met with one Churuma. Churuma told him that he got information that an old soldier (Badeh) wanted to buy a parcel of land but would be buying the land in cash.

“He said we would trail the soldier on that day and we would block him and collect the money. So, on that day, when we saw him coming Churuma signalled to us that it was him. Some of us stayed behind his vehicle in case he would want to reverse while Churuma stayed in front.

“But when he (Badeh) saw Churuma with a gun, he did not do like he wanted to reverse, he attempted to hit Churuma with his car but Churuma dodged to the side and then opened fire on him.

“After that, we opened the car and found a bag of money and went with it. When they opened the bag, the money was beyond what I had ever seen before.”

When asked if the money was in naira or foreign currency, the suspect said it was in naira.

He added that they were able to abduct Badeh’s friend who was in the car.

Earlier, police spokesman, Mr. Moshood Jimoh said the team of investigators was close to apprehending all the suspects involved in the killing.


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