2019: Akwa Ibom in Diaspora rallies support for Governor Emmanuel


Ime Akpan

Udom Frontiers, USA chapter has said that the Akwa Ibom State governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel is someone who is ready to use the available resources at his disposal to do whatever work is needed to change “our image as Akwa Ibom people, as Nigerians and then as Africans.”

The coordinator of the Frontiers, Chief Christopher Mbiam, who stated this in a press statement issued in Atlanta, Georgia and made available to NewsGazette in Lagos said the group is excited “now that our people in the Diaspora have come up with an achievable solution for solving Akwa Ibom problems on an international scale,” by supporting Emmanuel’s re-election in 2019.

“Governor Udom is the right person to continue the job because of his vision of industrialising Akwa Ibom.

“He has created many jobs, constructed roads, invested in education and in various programs which promote the welfare of the youth and women. Governor Udom is a problem solver and a judicious implementer. Akwa Ibom governor will create over one million new jobs in his second term,” he said.

He said Udom Frontiers 2019 and Akwa Ibom in Diaspora (AID) had met and endorsed the governor’s second term bid.

He said the groups deliberated on some lofty ideas to tackle “our age long problem of lack of opportunity, lack of employment, lack of good roads and lack of electricity among others not only in Akwa Ibom State but also in Africa.”

He described the governor as one who will “build a bridge of understanding, cultural exchange and commerce between African Americans and Akwa Ibom state/Nigeria.

“Not only will this bridge have the potential to generating unlimited jobs and opportunities for Akwa Ibom people at home and in the Diaspora, it will also be the catalyst Governor Udom will need to eradicate unemployment, hunger and homelessness in Akwa Ibom.

“What is most exciting is that a once in a life time opportunity to build this bridge exists right now in Atlanta Georgia as the black movie industry has grown within the last few years into the black movie, music and entertainment capital of the world.

“This booming industry will open doors of incredible opportunities for Akwa Ibomites everywhere. Through the vision of Governor Udom investing in this American industry, Akwa Ibom state will soon be in a position to influence and eventually control over 20 different industries on an international scale, just like the people behind the Hollywood curtain have such influence today,” he said.

Mbiam also said that when the governor visits the US for electioneering, he will have the opportunity to meet with Akwa Ibom people in the Diaspora and undertake a tour of the movie industry facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.

“As a result of 400 years of enslavement, most blacks in America have been brainwashed…just like the Africans in Africa have been brain washed into believing that they must follow the white man’s ways and standards….

“This industry growing in Atlanta has the potential of helping Governor Udom create well over one million sustainable jobs within the next few years and by seizing this opportunity, he not only will create new jobs, but he will set in motion a course of change never experienced by black people in over 400 years. This move will guarantee that his second term will be unprecedented and our next 100 years will be the best time to be black, African or an Akwa Ibomite.

Akwa Ibom in Diaspora has found a magic wand for empowerment and Governor Udom is going to bring that wand home to Akwa Ibom.

“At least 15,000 new local jobs will be created within the next two to three years. These jobs and opportunities will span over 20 different industries including advertising and public relations, automotive, banking, broadcasting, beauty and fashion, education, entertainment, farming, food and beverage, health, tourism, internet, manufacturing, motion picture and television production, music production, professional sports, publishing, real estate and retail sales…” he said.


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