North tolerates bad governance under Buhari because he is their own – Shehu Sani

*Buhari, Sani

The former representative of Kaduna central in the eighth senate, Mr. Shehu Sani has said that the north had failed to question President Muhammadu Buhari’s bad governance because he (President) is from that region.

The senator who spoke as a guest speaker at a conference held yesterday in Kaduna to prepare emerging leaders in the state slammed the north for its failure to hold Buhari accountable despite the killings and destruction of property in the region.

Sani called on the president Buhari to address rising poverty and educational challenges facing the region and the country at large.

“The north is tolerant of bad government because Buhari is in government and he is from the north. When powers move to the south, the north is good in holding leaders to account, but when it moves to the north, we keep silent.

“We are shy, we are cautious, we are afraid of telling our own that the road in the north is bad. We are more courageous to tell the truth to power when the president doesn’t come from our region.

“Southerners are holding him to account. Here in the north, you don’t because they are shy; they believe he is infallible and that he cannot be called to question.

“If 50 people were killed in Katsina and the representative of the state is not ready to stand up in the senate to talk about his people being killed, then it will go on and nobody will know.

“But if Fasoranti’s daughter is killed and the representative from Fasoranti stands up and condemns the murder, the world will know.

“But if your people are dying here and the people you elected are afraid of being embarrassed and they don’t want to be categorised as being disloyal and being seen in the bad book, they will kill as many as possible and the perception of the people outside will be that all is well. So the north must not be docile because one of his own is in office,” Sani maintained.

He also said northern leaders had failed to use the opportunity of office to upgrade the north and the country.

“How do you solve the problem of poverty when the three most industrialised states in the north– Kaduna, Plateau and Kano– have 80 per cent of their industries closed down?

“For this country to survive, President Buhari must listen to the voices of reason. You may not like the faces of Wole Soyinka, Balarabe Musa, and Olusegun Obasanjo but read through the content of what they have written and see where adjustment can be made.

“He (Buhari) must be interested in his legacy and he has only four years. In any government, after two years, there will be heat and once it starts, you will not be able to concentrate and do your work.”


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