Woman loses hands, legs to infection from dog’s saliva


A US woman, Marie Trainer, has had both legs and hands amputated after acquiring an infection from her dog’s saliva.

According to YahooNews, Trainer ordeal started earlier this year, when she and her husband returned from a Caribbean holiday.

She had suffered flu-like symptoms but when her temperature began to fluctuate, she went to the Hospital. That was where she developed sepsis, which is the body’s extreme response to an infection.

As her limbs began to deteriorate because of gangrene, doctors placed Trainer in a medically induced coma, which lasted 10 days.

“When I opened my eyes, I didn’t know where I was. Then I found out everything. It was very hard to find out that they had to remove my legs and my arms…very hard to cope with,” Trainer said.

Blood tests revealed she had contracted Capnocytophaga, a bacteria which live in the mouths of dogs, cats and humans.

Her doctors suspect that one of her dogs may have licked a small scratch on her arm, leading to blood clots that triggered gangrene, or tissue death.


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