Couple jailed for spending N20.5m mistakenly lodged in account


A court in South India has sent a couple to jail after finding the duo guilty of spending four million Indian Rupees (about $57,150 or N20, 574, 000) wrongly credited to their bank account in 2012.

English daily, The Times of India, reported on Wednesday that seeing it as a “windfall,” the couple withdrew the money within a few days and went on a spending spree, including buying a property and on their daughter’s wedding.

The money was actually meant for a government bank account belonging to the Public Works Department for carrying out some developmental works.

It was realised after eight months that the money was wrongly deposited in the couple’s bank account, instead of the government department’s bank account.

On investigation, it was found that the couple misappropriated the money after withdrawing it within a few days of it being deposited in their bank account.

Found guilty, the couple V. Gunasekaran and his wife Radha, was sent to three years imprisonment by the trial court in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu State.

Coincidentally, the bank accounts belonging to the couple and the government department were in the same branch of a bank.

The error was detected by bank employees.



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