Analogue senators are due for computer studies – Melaye


The senator representing Kogi West, M. Dino Melaye has said the senate is peopled with lawmakers who are not computer literate and called for their re-education.

Consequently, he urged the senate president, Mr. Ahmad Lawan to send such analogue lawmakers to computer schools in order to make them information and communication technology-compliant.

Melaye who made the call while speaking on the 9th Senate Legislative agenda yesterday said: “We must also visualize this chamber. We must introduce ICT to all our operations in the National Assembly, particularly in the Senate.

“For our analogue elders who need to update their ICT knowledge, we can be taken to MTI or these computer schools so that we can meet scientific and technological demands of recent times,” he said.

Besides, he called on the senate to step up the oversight activities, while bemoaning the issue of rejection of bills by the president.

“In terms of oversight function, today, Ghana just built the National Cardiac Interactive Centre. A country with a population of less than 25 million people.

“We do not have one cardiac interactive centre in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our hospitals are mere consulting units. As a Senate, we need to check this.

“95% of corruption in this country is through procurement. You will see every year MDAs are buying generators. Every year, state governors are buying generators, they are buying diesel, buying computers.

“The committee on the public account must be strengthened and must show the political will to carry out very strong ameliorative measures on the issue of procurement in this country,” he said.


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