Customs generated N1.002tr in nine months


The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) generated about N1.002 trillion from January to September.

The data received by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) from the Department of Research and Statistics and confirmed by the NCS’s public relations office indicated that the revenue was generated from 32 commands.

The service recorded the highest revenue of N123.6 billion in July, followed by N118.6 billion in May.

According to the date, the Apapa area command recorded the highest revenue of N313.5 billion during the period in review.

The lowest revenue was recorded in February, with N86.3 billion.

Immediately after the partial closure of borders, the service recorded N115.6 billion in September, with about N6.1 billion more than what was realised in August before the closure.

The revenue was generated from import duty, levy, excise duty and other fees.

There is an indication that by the end of 2019, NCS revenue will surpass the earning of 2018, which stood at N1.2 trillion.

The NCS said it generated N115 billion in September, the highest so far since the closure of land borders.

The comptroller general of NCS, Hameed Ali (retd), said since the closure of the borders, the revenue generated by the service was increasing daily.

He said there was never a time the service generated more money as it realised in September.

Ali said the measures taken had compelled those who used to smuggle things into the country to go to the ports and pay duties.

He said the aim is to ensure the closure was sustained till January.

The Kwara Area Command of the NCS said it generated N1.2billion in the last three months.

“In August, the Command generated N980, 652.00 while in September, the command collected N697, 810,389.50.

“What was generated in September is triple the revenue generated in August; and in October, the command generated N572, 116,819.22,” said spokesman for the command, Mr. Chado Zakari.


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