Stowaway who landed in London garden identified


A stowaway, who fell to his death from a Kenyan airline flight heading for Heathrow has been identified.

The stowaway fell from the aircraft and landed just feet away from a man who was sunbathing in his garden in Clapham, London on June 30.

After this incident, UK’s Scotland Yard opened an investigation while sharing an e-fit and details about the items he was carrying, leading him to be identified by family and friends in Kenya.

An e-fit is an electronic picture of the face of a person being sought by the police, created by a computer program from composite photographs of facial features

According to New Telegraph, the investigation concluded that the victim was likely to be Paul Manyasi, a cleaner who worked at Jomo Kenyatta International airport.

His girlfriend, Irene said that she had last seen him on the morning of June 30 while they were both working together at the airport.

She said, “I called his phone and it was off. When we came in the morning the following day the supervisor called us and told us there is somebody missing.”

Irene was able to identify Manyasi’s facial features from the e-fit and confirmed that the possessions looked like ones he had owned.

Manyasi’s parents also confirmed that the e-fit looks like their son and the items recovered from the body were his too.

Paul Manyasi was thought to have been nestled in the landing gear of a Kenya Airways flight. The content of his bag include bottles of water and soft drink, trainers, a piece of blue canvas and a marker pen.


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