Bala Mohammed belongs to Fulani terrorist group – Ortom

*Ortom, Mohammed

The war of words between the governor of Benue State, Dr Samuel Ortom and his Bauchi State counterpart, Mr. Bala Mohammed has become worrisome with the former labeling the latter as a member of Fulani terrorists group causing mayhem in the country

Ortom who stated this at a press briefing in Makurdi yesterday also said Mohammed, by his outbursts, had become a threat to his (Ortom’s) life.

He said the Bauchi governor was part of the conspiracy against him, stressing that with the manner Mohammed was attacking him, his life is no longer saved.

It would be recalled that Mohammed had criticised Ortom when he accused him (Ortom) of creating bad media campaign against Fulani ethnic group, stating that the situation had worsened the herder-farmer crisis.

He also defended the herdsmen for carrying AK-47 rifles and accused Ortom of criminalising the entire Fulani across the country.

Ortom, who reacted, said with the continuous support for Fulani herdsmen, his Bauchi counterpart “is one of the Fulani terrorists” that have invaded the country and terrorising innocent Nigerians.

“Some herdsmen wrote me a letter that they will kill me from the way and manner my brother and Governor of Bauchi spoke in support of herdsmen carrying arms, I suspect that he is one among the Fulani who wants to kill me and should anything happen to me they should not look far,” Ortom stated.

He said Mohammed owed Nigerians an apology over the comments that herdsmen should be allowed to carry AK47 rifles.

He expressed shock that a governor, who took oath to safe guard lives and property, will openly support armed herdsmen who came from Ghana, Niger, Libya, etc to kill in Nigeria.

He told Mohammed to go back and study his oath of office, asking if the oath of office he took does not say he should protect the constitution of Nigeria.

Ortom said the constitution does not allow foreigners to enter the country and bear arms against Nigerians.

“Since he (Bala Mohammed) has chosen to vilify and intimidate me, I am compelled to think that he is one of the Fulani terrorists terrorising this country.

“Why did I say so? This is the same governor, who took oath of office to protect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The constitution does not give room to allow foreign armed Fulani herdsmen, Tiv people or Yoruba or any ethic group to come in and to carry arms.

“But the Bauchi governor said every Fulani man is a global man; so, he could go anywhere at any time. It is quite disappointing to hear a governor who took oath of office to say that,” he said.

Ortom insisted that Benue people were fighting against terrorists, killer herdsmen and criminality, not against any Fulani.

“We are not against any tribe, especially the Fulani people, but rather against terrorists, killer herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers and all types of criminals within the state.

“We are actively supporting our security agencies, to ensure that all remaining pockets of banditry, kidnappings among others, are mitigated,” he added.


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