SACHO wins COVID-19 vaccines handling contract


Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC has announced its appointment as the official ground handler of the OXFORD/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

The federal government took delivery of the first batch of 3.94 million doses of the vaccines on Tuesday, March 2.

Spokesperson for SAHCO, Mrs. Vanessa Uansohia said in a statement that the delivery was coordinated in a safe, efficient and seamless manner which the company is known for.

She said the ground handling firm would make distribution of the vaccines effective and timely.

Uansohia also stated that the company has trained personnel with Certified in Entity and Intangible Valuations (CEIV) certifications which qualify SAHCO for handling of pharmaceuticals.

Besides, she said the company is fitted with air-conditioned warehouse storage facilities that can be regulated to meet the specific needs of any pharmaceuticals, making SAHCO the preferred choice for handling the life-saving vaccines.

“SAHCO is equipped with cold rooms and freezers that are fitted with the latest technology of handling temperate sensitive cargo devices that adapts to the required temperature of any shipment.

“These devices also known as data loggers are fitted with unique feature of the whole space, these temperatures are then closely monitored by SAHCO’s highly trained staff to identify any anomalies.

“The freezers which are below zero are adequate to handle the Covid-19 vaccines with huge capacities and any other temperature sensitive shipment,” she added.

In a related development, she said SAHCO had acquired a new fleet of Sherpa tractors to boost its ultra-modern fleet of ground handling equipment so as to exceed customers’ expectations. 

“The Sherpa tractors which have reputation of providing reliable support for a wide range of tasks are manufactured to be rugged, eco-friendly,” she said.

She also disclosed that the company had built an animal parlour for the benefit of persons who want to import or export animals through SAHCO warehouse in Lagos.


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