True loyalists are hard to find after leaving office – Jonathan

*Jonathan (in bowler cap)

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said that it is hard to find true loyalists after leaving office.

He stated this yesterday in Bauchi State where he commissioned the N2.2 billion 6.2-kilometre Sabon Kaura-Miri highway built by the state government.

“There are people who act like they can’t eat without you when you’re in a position of power. But once you’re no longer in that position, they move on and act like you no longer exist.

”It is a very big day for me and you know why? Because it’s not easy for somebody to work with you in Nigeria then after leaving office, that person still continues with that kind of strong fraternal relationship with you.

“I have been in government for a reasonable time and I’ve served at quite a number of levels starting from deputy governor.

“Most of my experience is that after leaving office, some people just forget that you even exist.

However, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi is a good brother and I’m quite pleased that he invited me to commission the first major project that he has completed, that’s a big honour,” he said.

Earlier in his remarks, Mohammed said was appointed a minister by Jonathan without knowing each other.

Hence, he said the history of his political journey will never be complete without the mention of his major political benefactor – Jonathan.

“Today I’m the happiest person…Somebody that I never had anything in common with other than the traits of nationalism and Nigerianness. He made me the minister of the FCT without knowing me or belonging to the same party with me,” said Mohammed.

The governor also stated that Jonathan had impacted so much in his life by giving him the responsibility to serve the country as minister of the FCT.

“By so doing, he has left me with a burden to carry his name on my head, with a toga that l must perform anywhere I go,” he said.

Mohammed also said Jonathan had remained a father and source of inspiration to him n politics.

“He lost the 2015 elections and left without creating issues; he has shown democracy and when we lost he continued to be my father,” he added.

He said the former president conceded defeat in the 2015 general elections thereby making him (Mohammed) proud.

“I have a father and a mentor who represents the face of democracy in Africa,” he added.


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