Things fall apart for 2Face, Annie Idibia


Ferdinand Ekechukwu

By taking down her husband’s surname from her Instagram bio and putting it back moments later could just be the height of Annie Idibia’s fuse hours after the actress and wife of Innocent ‘2Face’ Idibia called him out over his relationship with one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi. Annie who has two children for 2Face (Olivia and Isabella) had initially removed Idibia, leaving only Annie Macaulay, her maiden name. The drama in the Idibia’s house made its way to the internet on Thursday, September 2, 2021, after Annie accused 2Face of mingling with Pero. Pero is 2Face’s first baby mama who gave birth to three kids for the music superstar.

Annie also accused his family of not loving and caring about her since their marriage. She further claimed that 2Face (or 2Baba) spent nights under the same roof with his children’s mother, Pero Adeniyi, when he’s visiting their kids. In the Instagram story post which she later deleted, the movie star wrote: “Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sort of rubbish.” She also called out 2Face’s brother, Hyacinth Idibia, for once housing the singer, his kids and Pero under the same roof.

She added that 2Face’s children’s mothers use their offspring as “an excuse for all sorts of rubbish”. She concluded by naming 2Face’s manager, Efe, Frankie and the singer’s relatives telling them that their action is “unacceptable”.

Reacting to Annie’s post, 2Face’s brother, Charles Idibia, slammed Annie and accused her of ranting online because she didn’t get her way today. He told her she must think his family members are fools because they are peaceful. He then added that 2Face is “dying slowly” and he has never seen a man “so unhappy in real life” like 2Face, yet the family has to cover for Annie to maintain peace.

He then insinuated that Annie’s mother does “juju”. However, Charles remark many see as brickbats. Annie would then hit back, telling Charles that 2Face Idibia is “tired” because everyone is “trying to suck him dry”. She added that Charles is coming online to insult her despite living under her roof. She also stated that if trying to protect her husband and the lives of her kids makes her evil, then she’s happy to be. Within the period Annie took to social media to slam 2Face, his baby mamas, and his family members, her Instagram follower increased by over a million!

Pero has been at loggerheads with Annie for years. Their rift can be traced back to 2015 and 2016 when they both called each other out on social media. Their frosty relationship took a front burner when photos of 2Face kissing Pero at the singer’s nightclub back in 2015 appeared on the internet. But overtime, the two women seem to have mend fences. For instance during 2Baba’s 45th birthday last year, to the joy of his loved ones and fans, Annie who happens to be his long-time partner and wife, ensured the day did not go unnoticed by putting up a surprise birthday party in conjunction with the singers’ baby mamas – Sunmbo Adeoye and Pero Adeniyi.

The music star’s wife later showed the revelries on her Instagram, revealing lovely intimate photos of her mother-in-law, kids and step-children. Present at the party were four of the singer’s children. A couple of 2Baba’s friends, including his long time business partner and manager, Efe Omoregbe were also there. 2Baba is a father of seven; five from his previous relationships with other women and two with his wife, Annie. Recall that 2Face and Annie got married on March 23, 2013 in a star-studded wedding ceremony in Dubai. In March 2021, pop star 2Baba, and his wife, Annie, celebrated eight years of marital bliss.

In 2012, 2Face had proposed to Annie on Valentine’s Day, a move that stirred her to tears when it happened as she wasn’t expecting it. 2Face and Annie started dating when she was 15. Their relationship has, however, faced turbulent times. 2Face during his relationship with Annie had different affairs with other women. His video African Queen, which saw Annie make appearances is the first video to be aired on MTV Base Africa. By the time they shot the “African Queen” video in 2004, they were already an item on the entertainment scene.

2Face once opened up on why he married his wife, Annie despite having kids from several other women. He said: “When I used to repeat just 3 sets of clothes, she would always hold my head, look me in the eyes and tell me things will be fine one day. When I wasn’t handsome, she would call me her prince charming. When I wasn’t celebrated, she called me her king and said she is my number one fan and to this day, she still is.”

The superstar in another occasion said about his wife: “I have been fortunate enough to have met a couple of nice ladies in life and two of them even have children for me. But I think that Annie and I understand each other more. As with matters of the heart, it is very difficult sometimes to find the right words to explain it. Somehow, you just know that this is the particular person that you want to stay with.” Arguably one of Nigeria’s most loved couples, 2Face and Annie Idibia have come a long way to be together and their true love story is one that resonates.

Annie first met 2Face Idibia at Even Ezra Music Studio when she was just 15. She once said, “I think there was some electricity that second.” Coming back from Annie’s 16th birthday, 2Face showed off his boyfriend status by paying bus fares for all her friends. He ended up not eating dinner that night but he was content doing it for love. Their relationship after some moments faced turbulent times. 2Face during his on and off relationship got two women pregnant. Despite the ups and downs, baby mama drama and crazy careers, they both found ways back into each other’s arms proving that truly, love conquers all.



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