Matawalle accused of emptying treasury, looting 17 vehicles

*Matawalle, Lawal

The governor of Zamfara State, Mr. Dauda Lawal has accused his predecessor, Mr. Bello Matawalle of not only leaving an empty treasury, but also carting away 17 exotic vehicles from his (Matawalle’s) office and the deputy’s.

Lawal, who became governor on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) defeated Matawalle of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who sought a second term in the March governorship election.

Speaking on a radio programme in Gusau yesterday, Lawal, also alleged that office furniture were not spared in the looting.

“The atrocities are beyond comprehension, I’ve never seen crass irresponsibility like this one,” he added.

He therefore gave his predecessor an ultimatum of five days to return the vehicles allegedly taken away by officials of his administration.

In statement issued by his spokesman, Mr. Sulaiman Bala Idris, the governor gave the details of the sing vehicles, while vowing to recover looted funds and properties of government.

“Our government is determined in fulfilling the campaign promises made to the good people of Zamfara State which involves the swift recovery of looted public funds and properties.

“The mischievous statement is only aimed at distracting us from doing the work that positively touches the lives of the people.

“Our time is precious and we cannot waste it in engaging or bandying words with a political party that spent four years without a single project beneficial to the people of Zamfara, instead their only achievement is massive looting of the state’s treasury.

“We have the facts and records available that expose Matawalle’s impropriety. Where is the lie? A contract was awarded by the former Governor, for the purchase of vehicles to be distributed to dignitaries and ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) at the cost of N1, 149,800,000.00.

“The contract for the purchase of the vehicles was (allegedly) awarded to Hafkhad Properties and Facilities Management Nig. LTD.

“The money was meant for the purchase of a Toyota Lexus VIP Bullet Proof 2021 Model; Toyota Land Cruiser VIP Bullet Proof 2021 Model; Toyota Prado V6 2021 Model; Toyota Prado V4 2021 Model; Peugeot 2021 Model; Toyota Hilux 2021 Model; Toyota Land Cruiser Bullet Proof 2021; and Toyota Lexus 2021 Model.

“On the 4th of October 2021 the former Governor (allegedly) paid MUSACO for the supply of three bulletproof Jeeps at the sum of N484, 512, 500; to supply seven sets of bulletproof Prado Jeeps and Land Cruiser at the sum of N459, 995, 000; to supply seven Toyota Hilux vehicles at the sum of N228, 830, 000. 

“On the 19th of May 2021, Matawalle paid for the supply of 30 sets of Peugeot 406 cars to TK Global Services at the sum of N61, 200,000.

“Also, on the 15th of December 2021, Nadeen Butta was paid for the supply of one bulletproof Land Cruiser in the sum of N130, 000, 000.

“On 26th of February 2022, a contractor, Dapiyau B. Linus was paid the sum of N160, 000,000 for the supply of two Land Cruiser Jeeps 2021 model.

“On the 20th of March 2022, Matawalle’s government paid MUSACO the sum of N120, 000,000 for the supply of three vehicles for the office of the deputy governor.”

“It is the height of indignity for the Zamfara APC to continue to fizzle at a time when all the above official vehicles were looted by the immediate past governor and his associates.

“None of the vehicles is available in the Government House. This is a show of shame, not only to the state chapter of the APC but to anyone justifying the action of Matawalle.

“We have communicated officially to former Governor Bello Matawalle and his Deputy to return all the missing vehicles within five working days.”


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