Aviation workers need more enhanced welfare benefits—-Illitrus


As the campaign for the president of Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigerians ATSSSAN gathers momentum, one of the aspirants, Mr. Ahmadu Illitrus has made a case for the welfare of aviation workers in the country to ensure enhanced productivity in the sector.

Illitrus, who is the current national vice president of the union said while unveiling his manifesto that Nigerian aviation workers had suffered much and needed more enhanced welfare benefits.

He promised to commit himself to the service of the union having been part of the struggle to emancipate the workers through involvement in meetings and negotiations for their improved condition of service.

Illitrus added that trust, integrity, dedication and performance would be the hallmarks of his administration.

He also said he would hold consultations, especially with the government, on issues affecting the aviation agencies with a view to arriving at amicable solutions.

Besides, he said under his leadership, ATSSSAN would strive to be independent.

“Most of our members, because of the lean financial purse of our members, they rely heavily on our employers for sponsorships.  I intend to think outside the box, to look at areas of investments that we can generate revenue to manage our affairs without necessarily relying on our employers,” he added.

The presidential aspirant also said he would reach out to the organisations that have not embraced unionism to get unionized saying “every Nigerian worker has the right and freedom to belong to a union.”

He said he would take up the issue with the ministry of labour as well as transportation.

“Operations of the union will be decentralized as a cost saving measure by not allowing national officers to travel from Lagos to as far as Nigerians Delta to settle issues affecting members.

“Negotiation teams within the rank and file will be set up and given the necessary trainings in negotiation skills to represent the union adequately,” said Illitrus.

He urged delegates to stand for the truth and avoid politics of bitterness and tribalism in ATSSSAN.

He said the union belongs to senior workers as the name implies and urged the members to look beyond tribe, religion to select a leadership with character.


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