FAAN disproves N750m contract scam allegation


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has refuted the story that N750 million was stolen from its coffers.

An online medium had reported that N750 million fraudulent contract scam involving some top staff of the agency was uncovered recently.

However, a source who craved anonymity told NewsGazette that the only procurement made this year was in February.

“The allegation of fraud is unsubstantiated. It would have been better clarified instead of going out to run the organisation down.

“It is a failed attempt to undermine the integrity of our procurement process…there was never any theft,” he said.

However, he said some staff were queried in February when the management found something fishy in the procurement document.

“The managing director discovered and queried some procurement documents in February 2020. When the answers to the queries were found unsatisfactory, an investigation was launched; the staff involved were suspended and later replaced in their official capacities.

“The recommendations of the investigation were forwarded to the federal ministry of aviation in June 2020.

“All this is fully documented and in line with federal civil service procedures,” he added.


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