FAAN warns against flouting traffic rules at airports



The managing director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mr. Saleh Dunoma has urged organisations and individuals who use the airport facilities to obey traffic rules in order to sustain the safety and security at the airports, especially the international wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos.

The appeal came in the wake of a warning by federal to top government functionaries, politicians, and other VIPs to desist from violating traffic rules within airport premises in the country.

The ‎government said that it had observed a growing incidence of flagrant violation of traffic regulations by VIPs and top government officials at the nation’s airports.

It noted that indiscriminate parking of vehicles by such persons in front of terminal buildings consequently precipitate long queues and congestions.‎

Dunoma said what most of the VIPs and government functionaries do is contrary to air transport operation regulations, as spelt out in Annexes 9 and 17 of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) convention.

He said incidents of traffic violations at the airports had deteriorated to the extent that personal aides of some of these highly placed persons and top government officials manhandle Aviation Security (AVSEC) officials whose duty it is to ensure safety and the protection of the terminal building, passengers and the general public.

“To avert the undesirable phenomenon, which portends greater danger in the light of current security climate of the intensified concerns about possible use of vehicles as mobile bombs, all VIPs and top government officials are enjoined to comply with all civil aviation measures and procedures put in place by FAAN to ensure safety at all the airports,” Dunoma said.

Industry observers have also noted that other Nigerians and expatriates who use the airports obey traffic rules and regulations but the overzealous aides of VIPs and some security operatives break the rules with impunity and this had in the past elicited misunderstanding between the security operatives and AVSEC.

It was also noted that the VIP parking at departure significantly contributes to the gridlock at peak hours of air travel, an act which has made many travellers miss their flights.


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