First Nation Airways resumes flights


Barely three weeks after a temporary suspension of operations, First Nation Airways (FNA) has resumed all its scheduled flights.

In a press statement issued in Lagos, an official in the airline’s corporate affairs department, Mr. Rasheed Yusuff said: “We are delighted to inform you that our operation is back.  Flight commenced on Sunday, September  18,  2016  with  very  strong  passenger  demand  despite  the  break.

“This patronage reinforces the strength of our brand and the quality of our service.  We received ground  swell  of  support  from  the  flying  public  during  our  maintenance  break  and  this tremendous support has been humbling experience to all of us at First Nation.”

He added that since  the airline launched operations  in 2013, it has  built a respectable followership and rated  consistently  as  market  leader  on  safety  standard  and  schedule  integrity  on  the routes that we serve.

“This reputation was reinforced by First Nation’s achievement of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit(IOSA) certification; the airline industry global bench mark for world class safety standard) in 2015 within record time of  12  months.

“The achievement of IOSA certification by First Nation in 12 months of application remains unrivaled in West and Central Africa,” said Yisuff.

FNA suspended operations on September 2, 2016 barely 24 hours after Aero shut down scheduled services.

While reacting to the suspension of operations, FNA had stated: “First Nation is currently undergoing maintenance on A319 fleet. This maintenance exercise will be completed on or before September 15, 2016. The airline planned the maintenance well ahead, notified passengers and flights are currently loaded online effective September 15, 2016.”

“This will ensure that passengers continue to enjoy safe and reliable service that the airline is reputed for. Current foreign exchange constraint, coupled with over 70 percent devaluation of Naira partly contributed in no small measure to the development. The airline’s plan remains on track to reinstating service as advised herein.”


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