Golf View unveils automated multi-level car park

*The automated multi-level car park

As parking space poses a big problem to many a Lagos businessman, especially in Ikeja GRA, GolfView Hotels and Suites has employed technology to overcome the challenge by building an automated multi-level car park.

Located on General Adebayo Avenue in Ikeja GRA, the car park which was commissioned recently will take 25 cars.

Speaking at the unveiling of the facility, the proprietor of the hotel, Mr. Gbenga Olowo said the equipment which he ordered from China in 2013 cost $20, 000 when the exchange was about N119 to the dollar.

*Guests at the unveiling of the car park
*Guests at the unveiling of the car park

He said space had been a major constraint to small hotel operators in the GRA, hence the resort to technology-driven car park.

“If you see the space used, it will ordinarily take seven cars, but it takes 25. Of course, there is height restriction in this area otherwise you can go up to seven floors. But here, you cannot build more than four floors. Land here is very expensive; so we have to grow vertically with technology,” he said.

Olowo who said the automated car park would be at no extra cost to customers also stated that the facility is easy to maintain.

“This technology is so simple. You may think that it is hydraulic; it is just cable. The cable takes the car up and hangs it there. There are four corners that the car is being suspended. Maintenance is going to be next to nothing. All spare parts and the rotors can be sourced locally,” he said.

Installed by Lei Meng of China, Olowo said local personnel had been trained to maintain the car park in the event of a breakdown.


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