Med-View calls off airlift of hajj pilgrims

*Saudi Arabia-bound pilgrims filing to get on board Med-View Airline

Med-View Airline aborted airlift of hajj pilgrims at the Ilorin International Airport yesterday due to bird strike that affected its Boeing aircraft.

The airline said in a statement it issued in Lagos that the B767 aircraft carrying 222 pilgrims was taxiing for takeoff when it was struck by a brood of birds thereby forcing the pilot to abort the flight.

Consequently, the airline said 222 pilgrims were de-boarded and arrangements made to provide another aircraft to airlift them today (Sunday).

The airline also said it had dispatched rotables and a team of engineers to Ilorin to get the aircraft back to service.

It assured that “all pilgrims that the schedule for their airlift to the holy land will not be affected by the incident.”





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