SWAGA accuses Fayemi of anti-party activities

*Fayemi, Adeyeye

National  chairman of the South West Agenda for 2023 (SWAGA), Mr. Dayo Adeyeye,  has accused the governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi of anti-party activities and called on the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to place him under close watch.

Adeyeye’s spokesman, Mr. Gboyega Adeoye said in a statement that his principal expressed worry over Fayemi’s recent pronouncements and actions which he said smack of quick, deliberate, steps aimed at scuttling APC’s nascent national electoral fortunes.

Adeyeye was reacting to an alleged attempt to suspend the caretaker chairman of Ado Ekiti Ward 8 of the APC, Mr. Clement Afolabi for allegedly fraternising with SWAGA.

He said Afolabi was accused of anti-party activities because of his alleged support for the national leader of the APC, Mr. Bola Tinubu despite that his (Afolabi’s) constituency had passed vote of confidence in him.

Adeyeye said political happenings in Ekiti under Fayemi “is a theatre of the absurd by an evil intending vicious leader with mission to smash the eggs, kill the hen and put the entire poultry on fire.”

“We think it is high time we began to get weary of some strange voices within. While we condemn the recent incisive and damaging statement of the Ekiti governor on our party, we consider the save-face measure shoddily adopted in visiting undue punitive measure on Afolabi, who, purportedly, was showing support for the presidential choice of a top notch of the APC, a serious aberration.

“SWAGA is not unaware of the underground plots to frustrate the rising political profile of Asiwaju Tinubu in the southwest and indeed Nigeria, as the undisputable choice to bring stability into our fragile democracy and lift the nation economically. We have tested the waters to see how a people so traumatised and choked in a party, are frantically wrestling to pull out of the terrible grip of the political Dracula of our time for a resting haven they have found in SWAGA.

“The ongoing attempt to plunder and decimate our party and then leave the carcass for us to contend with is not hidden. This we shall resist for the efforts of the builders of this democracy and many other Nigerians, who have toiled in endurance and are waiting to reap the gains.

“While we condemn the lingering undemocratic approach of Fayemi to issues in recent times and insist on a call to order, we enjoin our party men and women across the country to feel free to identify with SWAGA.

“SWAGA is APC and APC is SWAGA. There is no way a member can commit anti-party offence for favouring the presidential choice of a party man,” Adeyeye said.

He reminded the governor that 33 APC aspirants contested with him to be governor in 2018 among whom he emerged the party’s flag-bearer.

“All others returned as party members after the contest without a tag. So, this new development where the suspension of a caretaker chairman is being contemplated for allegedly supporting the choice of a leader in same party is strange,” he added.

SWAGA is a political pressure group within the APC, rooting for Tinubu’s presidential ambition in 2023.


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