PDP calls for Adeosun’s prosecution


The resignation of Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, erstwhile minister of of finance from the federal cabinet over allegations of presenting forged National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exemption certificate to work has attracted diverse criticisms from a cross section of Nigerians.

For the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), anything short of immediate arrest and prosecution of the former minister for deserting and forging the NYSC exemption certificate is not acceptable.

Spokesman for the party, Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan, said in a statement issued on Saturday that said investigations revealed that the federal government, which earlier made efforts to defend Adeosun, had already perfected a plot to help her to evade prosecution following fears that she could open up on the unprecedented corruption that has bedeviled the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government.

“Nigerians already know that the Buhari presidency is a citadel of iniquity with inherent proficiency in stealing, forgery and manipulation of processes. This perhaps explains why President Buhari has not relieved his special assistant on prosecution and chairman of the special investigative panel for the recovery of public property, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, of his appointment in spite of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) confirmation that he forged his Secondary School Certificate.

“Is it not clear to all that the Buhari administration’s so-called anti-corruption war and purported integrity are mere orchestrations to hoodwink Nigerians and the international community, while Mr. President oversees the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation?

“The party invites Nigerians to note that President Muhammadu Buhari, whose administration has become notorious for shielding its many fraudulent and corrupt officials, could not summon the rectitude to sack Mrs. Adeosun. She would have still been in office, if not for the sustained uproar by Nigerians and international creditors.

“The PDP therefore demands an immediate open inquest into the records of the Finance Ministry under Adeosun, to unravel all improprieties by the Buhari Presidency cabal, including alleged diversion of oil proceeds, fraudulent oil subsidy deals, leading to high fuel price; depletion of our foreign reserves, embezzling of funds returned by Switzerland and other huge sleazes in the ministry,” said Ologbondiyan.

Some other commentators took to their twitter handle to express diverse opinions on the matter.

I commend @HMKemiAdeosun, for resigning. I only wished she had done this earlier. But nevertheless, it took great courage for her to resign. I urge President @MBuhari not to sweep her forgery under the carpet. She must be treated how he treats @OfficialPDPNig members #RenosDarts

–Reno Omokri, aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan

Forgery is a criminal offence in Nigeria, the IG of @PoliceNG must immediately arrest and prosecute the former minister of finance, @HMKemiAdeosun for forging NYSC certificate.

PS: She also served as commission for finance in Ogun state with the same forged certificate.

–Oluyemi Fasipe 🇳🇬 @YemieFASH

Nigerians Don frustrate this woman Minister of finance kemi  Adeosun until she finally resigned. I trust Nigerians will still go ahead and say she must be Arrested for NYSC forgery.

Watch your back, this country no get chill at all.

–Shayor @Shayor19

The minister of finance Mrs. Kemi Adeosun have resigned following the NYSC saga, that is a Noble thing to do (sic).

It’s sad to see her gone but the Buhari Government is driven by moral suasion. I’m sure she’ll do exploits elsewhere.

–Ọlákúnlé Abíọ́lá Sómóyè @MrSomoye

The resignation of the Finance Minister following the heated NYSC saga is another strong evidence that the power to entrench sanity in our polity lies in our hands as a people. Indeed, “vox populi vox dei”. May we extend this momentum to our jerry-built state of governance.

–Okey Orisakwe @OkeyOrisakwe

I have just received, with sadness, news that Kemi Adeosun has resigned. She is a talented, courageous woman who drove a lot of important reforms as Minister of Finance. However, the NYSC saga had made her position untenable & the situation was only going to go from bad to worse.

–Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah)

We thank her for the good things she has done while serving dutifully as Nigeria’s Minister of Finance.

History would be kind to her as she helped the @MBuhari administration through the recession.

–Geraki Group (@GerakiGroup

Good that Kemi Adeosun accused of forgery has resigned as Minister of Finance. Next is prosecution by the relevant authorities.

In the meantime, the National Assembly that was said to blackmailed her to their advantage and to the detriment of the Nation should be investigated!

–Aisha Yesufu (@AishaYesufu

Minister of Finance has resignations is not enough, she should be prosecuted and jail if found guilty

–Idi Nanle Gershon (@IdiNanle

Professor Itse Sagay should ‘resign’ too. He justified the crime of forgery committed by Kemi Adeosun and claimed that the Oluwole Minister of Finance was too indispensable to be sacked. He should hide his face in shame!

–Emmanuel Ugwu (@EmmaUgwuTheMan


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